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Firas and the coincidence of a lifetime

Firas and the coincidence of a lifetime

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Firas and the coincidence of a lifetime

The events of this story revolve around a young man named Firas. Firas was a high school student. It is known about this educational stage that it requires great effort and diligence, as it is the stage that precedes entering the university and thus determines the future of each person in it. As usual, Firas was a diligent student who only focuses His future only is to become a well-known doctor, and Firas's friends would always talk in front of him about girls. Each of Firas's friends had a girl he loved, but Firas was completely rejecting such things, as he did not focus on anything other than achieving his goal.

One day, Firas decided to send friend requests to a random group of people from different countries. He likes to talk a lot to people he doesn't know. He was making a lot of friendships through Facebook, and once Firas found a message from a girl he didn't know. But when he searched, he discovered that he had made a mistake and sent this girl a friend request by mistake. The girl was talking to Firas politely, for Firas seemed calm and respectful. Firas apologized to her a lot, but she calmed him down and Firas and the girl started talking, strangely enough, this girl is also in high school. She also dreams of becoming a doctor like Firas.

Firas started talking to this girl almost on a daily basis until he got used to her presence in his life, but despite that, Firas did not forget his dream, which he seeks to achieve. Focus on studying, the exam date is approaching, and Firas definitely wants to focus on his studies. The girl replied that she will also do the same. The high school exams have already started and Firas got a very good result that qualifies him to enter the medical school, and here Firas was overjoyed and his dream was finally fulfilled.

Firas did not forget the girl he was talking to, but this girl suddenly disappeared, and she no longer has an account on Facebook, and although Firas was sad because of that, he decided to prepare for a new experience in his life. Firas joined the Faculty of Medicine and studied there for 7 full years and graduated From her to start his career, Firas initially worked in one of the government hospitals, and because Firas was a skilled doctor, his reputation spread quickly, so many people came to this hospital only to search for Doctor Firas.

Firas treated everyone with politeness and respect, Firas is known to have good morals, despite all these years, but Firas did not forget the girl he was talking to. Firas wanted very much to get to know her, and Firas felt at first glance that he loved this girl, but all attempts His search was unsuccessful, and Firas prayed to God that he be able to find this girl, as she is the first girl Firas talks to and relates to in this way
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