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 love of Jamil and Buthaina and Qais and Laila love

love of Jamil and Buthaina and Qais and Laila love

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love of Jamil and Buthaina and Qais and Laila love

The story of Jamil and Buthaina took place in the Umayyad era, where Jamil bin Muammar al-Adhari loved Buthaina, daughter of al-Habbab, and their story began when Jamil saw Buthaina tending his family's camels, and Buthaina came with her camels to return the water, so Jamil's camels fled, so he cursed her, and Buthaina did not remain silent Rather, she replied to him, and instead of getting angry, he admired her and insulted her, so he loved her and she loved him, and they began dating secretly. Jamil's love for Buthaina intensified, and her infatuation with him intensified, but her people refused his marriage to her, and in order to increase the fire, they quickly married their daughter to one of them.

This marriage did not change the sweeping love that filled the two lovers' hearts, as Jamil was finding ways to meet her secretly in the absence of the husband. The husband was constantly aware of Buthaina’s relationship with Jamil, so he resorted to her family and complained about her to them, and her family complained to Jameel’s people, so they vowed to kill him, so Jamil fled to Yemen, where his uncles are, and remained there for a while, then returned to his homeland to find Buthaina’s people had left for the Levant, and he left behind them. And the light faded, then the lamp went out, and Buthaina bid farewell to life far from Jamil, whom she had given her love and devotion to, and the lover bid farewell to his life in the hope of meeting after death.

The love story of Qais and Layla, Qais bin Al-Malouh loved his cousin Laila, the daughter of the Mahdi, and they were two young children who tended their family’s camels. Qais and his health deteriorated due to his being deprived of Layla, so his father went to his brother, Laila’s father, and said to him: “Your nephew is about to perish or go crazy, so turn away from your stubbornness and insistence.” However, he refused and stubbornly insisted that he marry her to someone else. When he learned of her love for Qais, he threatened her, if she did not accept another husband, to imitate her.

They wander in the valleys, dumbfounded, only to wake up from their astonishment by the memory of Layla. Qais began to visit the monuments of her homes, cry, and arrange poetry in love with her, until he was called the crazy. And Laila exchanged that great love for him until she fell ill, and was afflicted by disease and emaciation, and she died before him, and he knew of her death, so it was only for him to stay at her grave, mourning for her and for her love, until he died
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