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The soldier and the wealthy are the most beautiful love story

The soldier and the wealthy are the most beautiful love story

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The soldier and the wealthy are the most beautiful love story

The soldier and the wealthy

A poor young man fell in love with a poor young man in one year, and offered her the same situation

except that the young man insisted, proving himself to her parents. It goes back after the war to marriage.

One day tragedy struck Where the girl was driving her car back home, she was hit by a speeding car, so the girl's family rushed to the hospital and the girl came out of danger and when she woke up, she noticed signs of stunned and shocked, and their silence continued with only crying, so she started asking moans and pain and felt her face and realized what happened, and I understood. Her face was completely disfigured, so she began to cry, and began to say things like: I became ugly, I became a monster and wept bitterly.

The girl controlled herself again, and told her parents that she wanted to end her relationship with the young man because he would not want her while she was distorted, and she made the decision to do so and did not want to see him again and began to act accordingly, but he kept texting and calling her by phone, but she did not answer any of that, He understood that she wanted to get away from him and leave him, but one day the surprise happened, so her mother entered her room and said to her: He came back from the war

The girl was surprised, and refused to meet him before she knew why he came, so her mother said to her: He came to invite you to his wedding, so she opened the marriage card, stunned, and found that the name of the bride written is her name, and then she started crying heartily and at that moment the young man entered carrying a bouquet of roses and knelt in front of her and said : would you marry me? The girl covered her face and said to him, I am ugly and hateful, how will you relate to me, so he said to her: When you did not answer, I contacted your mother and saw your picture, but despite that nothing changed in my heart for you, because I loved you and not your face

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