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جافا سكريبت غير ممكن! ... الرجاء تفعيل الجافا سكريبت في متصفحك.

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A short story about love before bed entitled The Journey to Find a Soulmate

A short story about love before bed entitled The Journey to Find a Soulmate

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 A journey in search of a soul mate


A short story about love before bed entitled The Journey to Find a Soulmate

The famous Ouija game with her brother, and her question was for the game, and her question was in her twenties?!

The strange thing is that the game answered it in his name, which was Muhammad Al-Buhairi!

A devastating roll, the girl grew up and moved through the stages of her life, her soul mate and future partner

And by the day of the country, the image of the little girl on a trip outside appeared, and she eventually appeared with the same name (Mohamed Al-Behairi)  

The girl realized that the secret of her eternal happiness lies with her staying with her soul mate who was mentioned in front of her, and many days passed and the girl did not encounter her soul mate to the point that she completely gave up on the matter. Extremely frustrated, she gave him her consent to marry him.

They prepared everything for the marital nest with each other, even they bought the wedding dress, and set the date for the ceremony. Their wedding, as he had an urgent trip abroad at his work, and in the end he tells her his name to tell her husband about it, and it turns out that his name is Muhammad al-Buhairi  

She leaves everything in her hand and goes to the airport in her wedding dress, and she had her friend with her, who at the same time is her brother's wife. She was married, but she was going through difficult problems with her husband, despite the proximity of their marriage. The situation reached the point where she judged him that he no longer loved her and that he was in a relationship with another woman. She found it a very suitable opportunity to travel with her friend and test her husband's love for her

The two friends went to the airport together, and asked the girl for the name and it turned out that he had left the country, I booked two tickets on the next flight and went after him, and there I searched long and long with her friend, but they did not recognize any information, and on the day they decided to leave and return home, I discovered that someone at the airport was calling for The name itself, she left everything in her hand and ran after him to see the owner of the name, and finally found him and told him everything   

  At first sight, the young man fell in love with her, and they exchanged conversations, and decided to return with her to the country and propose to her from her family, but suddenly she discovered that it was not the name that she was looking for, although all his features and qualities were optimal for her with all life and closest to her heart

She took her friend and went to the airport at once, and the young man did not leave her, so he went after her to the airport, and there he begged her and begged her not to leave him, and to allow him to go with her, and that he actually loved her and could not live without her

But the girl had been shocked by the shock of her age, and when she told him that he had made her a knot in love, and that she had given up on her life's dream because of him, he decided then that  

He helps her in searching for her soul mate, and indeed he did so, and he was able to find his place, and he told her, so she prepared and went to meet him, and there she found him, but she did not like his personality too much, and he also wanted to harass her, and at this moment the young man who loved her came and saved her from his hands, and during the quarrel. Between them, the girl discovers that it was a plan drawn up by the young man who loved her to keep her away from him.

The girl decided to return, heartbroken, and her brother had come to prove to his wife that he loved her and that he had not changed from her side as she thought, and surprised her that it was a trick from her brother, so that he paid money to the astrologer to assure her of the name he had invented.

The girl returned to the young man she loved, and together they returned to the country, married and lived happily

الاسمبريد إلكترونيرسالة