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sleeping Princess

sleeping Princess

Alsllm Grstenl
sleeping Princess

Once upon a time there was a king and
queen who used to live in a large beautiful palace signifying luxury, and one day the queen wished to give birth to a very beautiful girl, and after some years the queen's wish became true and she gave birth to a beautiful little girl and to celebrate this happy occasion a big party was held and seven fairies were invited to it And when the fairies met the little princess, they wished her every single wish. The first wished for the princess to be the most beautiful girl in the world, the second wished for her to have the mind of an angel, the third to be graceful, the fourth to be a dancer, the fifth to sing with a very beautiful voice, and the sixth

As the seventh fairy started making a wish for the princess, an old fairy entered the hall. She was very angry and upset with the king and queen because they did not invite her to the party. I left everyone sad, in pain, crying

After the evil fairy disappeared, a good fairy came into the hall and calmed everyone down. She said: Your daughter will not die, but will sleep for a long time, and a young prince will wake her up. She said that she does not have enough strength to undo what the evil witch has done. After the disappearance of the evil fairy, a good fairy came to the hall and calmed everyone, and said that his entourage gathered all the spinning machines from all over the kingdom, and there was no spinning machine left in the kingdom, which made the king reassure about his daughter's condition.

And when the princess's sixteenth birthday came, she and her pampered dog went out to play, and she heard a strange sound in the tower. The needle pricked her and she fell to the ground, and that same old woman was the evil fairy. When the king saw his daughter on the ground and not moving, he feared her death, but the girl reassured him and told him that she would sleep for a hundred years and I would make you sleep with them so that she would not be afraid when she woke up, so she moved her magic wand, so everyone in the palace slept deeply.

And one day, there was a prince wandering in the town, and he asked about what happened in the palace, or was it just rumours, so he went to the palace to see for himself, but he could not walk because of the dense plants, so a good fairy appeared to him and gave him a large sword, with which he cut the trees until he arrived, and he saw the princess, very beautiful, and kissed her hand and eyelids So I woke up and everyone in the palace woke up, lost the magic of the evil fairy, and set up the king to reward him with a big feast, and he said to him: Ask me whatever you want, so he asked to marry the princess, so he accepted and married her, and they lived happily. And the seven fairies came to celebrate the marriage, and their wish this time was that the couple would have a beautiful child and live a happy life full of bliss

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