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The haunted castle in the Laura Valley, France, a true horror story

The haunted castle in the Laura Valley, France, a true horror story

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The haunted castle in the Laura Valley, France, a true horror story

Have you ever felt suffocation and panic from a place and felt great fear, you do not know what will happen to you when you enter those places, so you feel great fear and confusion about what you are in, as your heart beats accelerating on its own and your hair becomes erect and you get that light shiver that you do not know its source, today I present to you months A terrifying place in the world on the site of real stories, in an article entitled Famous places in the world inhabited by Satan.

:Famous places inhabited by Satan

Today I will talk about one of the famous French castles located in the Loire Valley. The castle was built in the eleventh century. It is the tallest building in the Loire Valley. The owner of the village killed his wife and her lover after he saw them together, and the story says that the owner of the castle was the richest man in the world. Loire Valley, one day the man began to suspect that the wife was cheating on him with another, as the man was hearing strange voices whispering in his ear telling him that his wife was cheating on him with someone.

The wife was seeing strange things and a strange person showing his shadow in the light of the candle that he was holding in his hands, and the man was walking outside the room with a strange sound and moaning. The husband did this every night, but he did not believe her.

Despite all the panic and panic that the wife lived through every night, but the husband never believed her and did not listen to her, and he thought that she was claiming all this because he began to doubt about her and try to keep it away from her and doubt, and one day the husband was very late in his work and the wife was alone in her room, thinking In the change of the husband and his strange behavior, and here she heard the door of the room opening a very loud squeak, she looked at the door thinking it was her husband and here she saw a strange hand, pale color pushing the door in, she could not scream from the severity of her panic.

Here, an old man appeared, with a short beard, a very strange face, and blood-soaked clothes, his eyes fixed and holding a lit candle in his hands, and he walked towards it slowly, unable to bear it anymore.

The husband came back and found his wife on the bed with the old man, and he went crazy, so he killed the wife and the old woman together and buried them in the castle garden so that no one would know and discover what happened, but after days the man found his wife walking in the castle calling him loudly, he thought that everything he saw was a fantasy They were delusional because of the crime he had committed and killed his wife, but he was terrified of seeing her every day calling for him so that he began to feel her presence with him in the bedroom, he felt that there was someone with him in the room, and he tightened the cover during his sleep and annoyed him.

He was opening his eyes to see his wife standing in front of him with a face covered in blood, strangling him hard and trying to scream and run away from her, but he couldn't, so the man dies in the castle, and he sees his wife in front of him with blood dripping from her chest, the place of the bullet, so the wife started strangling him and killing him in the castle.

Perhaps the man died because of fear, panic, and shock, but he died in the end in the castle. The wife not only killed the husband, but decided to take revenge on all the men in the valley, so she did the same with the men of the valley and made their wives kill them after deluding them that they were traitors, and the curse spread in the valley, and both Walking inside the valley, he hears horrible, ugly screams coming out of the houses. There is a wife who kills her cheating husband for his betrayal after she found him with his mistress in her bedroom. Everyone who entered the castle watched the wife walking in her corridors very slowly, calling for her husband, and the castle in the valley became cursed.
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