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Victoria's haircut

Victoria's haircut

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Victoria's haircut

Victoria Beckham or Victoria Adams is a British pop artist and wife of AC Milan football player David Beckham. She has four children, Cruz, Brooklyn, Harper and Romeo. Victoria was born between her father Anthony, an electronics engineer, and her mother, Jacqueline, a housewife. Victoria learned singing, ballet and theater at St. Mary's School, then completed her university education at the College of Arts and Theater, but she did not complete her university education to join the Spice Girls.

In 1997, after the Chelsea and Manchester United match, she began dating David Beckham secretly so that the press would not know anything, and the famous football player admitted to her that he admired her and her band, and one year later they announced their engagement, and in 1999 Victoria gave birth to their first son, then They married a few months after she gave birth to Brooklyn in a huge ceremony attended by many stars and celebrities, which cost 500,000 Australian pounds.

In 2002, Victoria gave birth to their second son, Romeo Beckham, and three years later she gave birth to Cruz Beckham. It is common for this family of five to be a happy and close-knit family. Victoria Beckham, who prefers Chinese and Indian foods and prefers her favorite country Italy and Oprah as the most beautiful television program and London as her favorite city, was never but a symbol and icon of international fashion, as she has a high and elegant elegance in her hair, clothes and glasses all.

Victoria Beckham Glasses Victoria has launched a large number of elegant and stylish sunglasses in its new collection, new eyewear styles and shapes, topped by Victoria's new distinctive collection, including black cat glasses, legendary aviator glasses, ultra-wide frame glasses and other framed glasses different. Victoria Beckham Perfumes Victoria Beckham launched the new fragrance for her and her husband David Beckham in 2008, and it is the second perfume for Victoria after her first perfume, which was launched in the market in 2007.

Victoria Beckham's haircut What distinguishes Victoria is her constant brilliance, which draws attention in every new shot of her amazing designs, awaited by photographers' lenses at every party, occasion,  Market did not say glamor, and the last appearance was of her wearing a construction worker's uniform in high heels at the construction site of her new store, dover street, and did not abandon her heels, even though the place was not suitable. She aspires to have a distinctive appearance, and appreciates unique and distinctive pieces, in addition to her love of fashion, I aspire to be a woman with a decent and beautiful appearance, in addition to making her always empowered.

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