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جافا سكريبت غير ممكن! ... الرجاء تفعيل الجافا سكريبت في متصفحك.

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 Bathroom in Ghost

Bathroom in Ghost

Alsllm Grstenl
Bathroom in Ghost

The story of a girl who is fond of a foreign tourist club, her family lives this strange period, tournament foreign sports, tournament, personal skills.

An opportunity to watch a stage match, an opportunity to watch an exhibition, an exposed viewing experience.

The first group flew into the Arena of Champions, which is sweet at first.

The girl did as they do and was very happy and pleased, and the happiness within her was indescribable.

They handed over the tickets and entered the stadium, and there they sat on their seats, which were close to the pitch and a lot of advantages, and this was normal for its high price, as her sister's husband knew her passion, so he wanted him to have fun, and he wanted her heart.

As soon as they sat, the husband got up and bought them popcorn, soft drinks, and some snacks as well. The girl sat down and drank a soft drink and felt a strong desire to enter the bathroom.

She first looked at her phone and found that there was enough time for her to go to the bathroom and relieve herself and return before the match started. She actually told her sister that she was going, so her sister offered her to go with her, but she refused, as she was no longer young, and the second thing was to sit next to her husband better.

The girl walked in the midst of the crowds, and she heard the sound of their encouragement fervently. She hurried in her steps, and the more she murmured, the lower the sound. She walked into the hall, not knowing where the bathroom was. Furthermore, she found a guard in front of her, and asked him about the place, and he answered her that it was at the end of the road.

The girl went until she reached the place, and there was no one there so that the sounds became completely faint, she entered the bathroom, and while she was in the bathroom, she heard a voice inside, she was amazed and worried as she saw with her eyes that there was no one else in it except for her, and she found that someone was moving the door, so she was amazed and made a sound To announce her presence in the bathroom.

After a while, she felt the presence of someone in the bathroom next to her, she came out after she finished and while washing her hands, she heard a crying sound in the bathroom next to her, the sound of bitter crying without interruption!

Her heart could not allow her to leave without the help of the person who was crying, and since it was a bathroom for women, she knew that she was a woman and that there was no danger in that despite her intense and growing anxiety.

She approached the door, knocked lightly, and asked, "What's wrong, madam, and do you need any help?!"

No one answered her question, and she was very suspicious, but she did not go away and insisted on asking her until she said: “I can ask the security man outside for help if you need it?!”

But no one answered her either, and the sound of crying increased, so the girl increased in knocking on the door with her hands and feet as well, and finally she heard the door open from the inside, so I realized that it was the lady inside, and finally accepted her help.

The girl slowly opened the door. At that time, the lighting in the bathroom had a technical malfunction since she entered it, sometimes becoming strong and sometimes becoming very weak, so the girl could only distinguish the presence of a woman sitting on the ground with her feet and hiding her head between her feet from crying!

But when this lady raised her face, the girl was stunned by the horror of what came, she saw her face stained with blood and her entire body, her entire appearance was ugly, and a normal human could not bear to look at him, so the girl wanted to escape and survive her life, but the ghost did not allow her to do so!

The main door to the bathroom was closed in her face and the lady began to crawl towards her, from the intensity of fear the girl lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Her sister came to look for her and found her in this way and how they called the ambulance, and she was taken to the hospital, but she did not tell anyone what happened to her in the bathroom, although the security officer explained that she is the girl number 3, the same thing is happening to her since they found the body of a girl killed in the bathroom!
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