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ghost in the phone

ghost in the phone

Alsllm Grstenl
ghost in the phone

I was living in the apartment of expatriate students with three of my colleagues during the first year of my studies at the university, and many events and horrors happened to us in this apartment that we have not been able to explain until now. In the living room alone, and suddenly I saw a red spectrum glowing on my left, as an automatic reaction I turned immediately to check this matter, and I did not find any trace of it, I thought at the time that I had an illusion, and there
was no problem

The next morning, I told my colleagues about something that happened to me, and I was surprised that each of them said that she had been exposed to exactly the same situation before, but she did not care and did not tell anyone, and one night the landline phone rang, and the calling number was the number of one of us, She was stunned when she saw the number on the screen, even though she had left her phone in her room a while ago and the room was empty and the four of us were standing near the phone. , and found him lying on the bed as I left him and there is no trace of music next to him, we immediately moved to another apartment after this incident, where we made sure that the problem is already haunted
الاسمبريد إلكترونيرسالة