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The story of much love and great pride

The story of much love and great pride

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The story of much love and great pride

The story of much love and great prid

He is one of the heroes of love whose names are attributed to the names of their lover, and he is Katheer bin Abdul Rahman bin Al-Aswad bin Malih from Khuza’ah, he is a dead poet of the Umayyad era poets, from the people of Medina. , has the task of taking care of a herd of camels. As for the beloved Izzah bint Humail bin Hafs from Bani Hajib bin Ghaffar, she is a Kinaniah of lineage, we used her in many ways in his poetry by Umm Amr, and he sometimes calls her the conscience and the daughter of Al-Dhamri in relation to the Banu Damra.

It is said about the story of his love with Uzza that on one of the occasions when he was tending many of his camels and sheep, he found some women from Banu Damra, so he asked them about the nearest water to bring his sheep to him. Azza, whose love ignited in his heart from this moment, and he set out to sing poetry with her, and wrote with her the most beautiful of what he said of spinning. Azza was known for her beauty and eloquence, so he fell in love with her a lot, and composed poems in his love for her, which angered her family, so they hurried to marry her to someone else, and she left with her husband to Egypt, and many hearts broke, and his feelings were burning, and he found nothing but poetry to empty his pain and sorrows in separation. The beloved.

Many traveled to Egypt, where Azza lived after her marriage, and there was his friend Abdul Aziz bin Marwan, who found him prestige and ease of life. His death came in the Hijaz, he and Ikrimah, the mawla of Ibn Abbas, on the same day.

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