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Stories about success and persistence

Stories about success and persistence

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Stories about success and persistence

that we tell today of a simple man who asked for a bed job in the job, and during the job he was asked to write his email in the job application, send tasks, and communicate with the company, but the man replied that he had a computer or an email, and the response of the manager’s response was strange and shocking to the man who said Him: Who doesn't have an email that doesn't even exist! Whoever does not have it does not have the right to work!

The man left the company with only ten dollars. He kept thinking about what he would do and how he and his family would live, so he decided to buy a box of tomatoes from the vegetable store and started selling it, and indeed he succeeded in selling it and making money, so he decided to repeat the process until he got 60 dollars, and from here he started going out daily to sell He earned money unta cart, then a truck, then a fleet of trucks, and after five years he became one of the major food suppliers il he bought in America.

second story

Indeed the most beautiful story of persistence and ambition, and it is the story of a simple peasant Indian man, who was born more than seventy years ago, and his stories begin when his wife fell ill and wanted to take her to the hospital, which is 75 km from the village, and he only has primitive means to transport her to the hospital, but of course she could not reach the hospital She died on the way.

Since the death of the wife, Dasherth Manji thought about blocking this giant mountain of the road and shortening it for the long distance of 75 km by only one kilometer, so he decided to destroy this mountain alone and use his humble capabilities that do not exceed the hammer and chisel at this old age

In the year 60’s, Monji began destroying the mountain amid the ridicule of everyone around him in the village. Despite that, he continued to destroy the mountain and move the rocks for days, months and long years until 22 years passed. He spent working alone until he opened the shortest path to the hospital. The government honored him and established the first hospital in his village, which It was named after him.
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