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جافا سكريبت غير ممكن! ... الرجاء تفعيل الجافا سكريبت في متصفحك.

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Ghost of a child in the room

Ghost of a child in the room

غير معرف
Ghost of a child in the room ghost

I moved with my family to a new house and it was in one of the new areas, not very inhabited, the house was big, spacious and beautiful and I immediately loved it and was very happy to move in, and on the first night I was lying in my bed, and suddenly I felt a weight on the edge of the bed next to me As if someone was sitting on it, I opened my eyes and imagined that my eldest daughter was the one who came to sit next to me as usual, but I did not find anyone.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep and said to myself: I may have imagined it, and so the first night passed, but then this incident repeated every night, until it came to the feeling that someone was sleeping next to me, and I feel as if there are warm breaths chasing me wherever I go, and the matter developed and I noticed My infant daughter looks at the ceiling, looks left and right, and points with her hands as if she is watching something, even though the room is completely empty.

Thus, I began to feel that this house was surrounded by some mystery, and after a while one of my relatives came to visit me, and she told me as soon as they entered her that this house is strange and psychologically uncomfortable, and I felt that it was haunted, I rose in terror from the idea, but I tried to forget it or ignore it, and I continued talking with my relative But I was surprised by her asking me about the child who plays with my daughter in her room, so I said to her, Which child? I only have two daughters, one of whom is a baby, and she replied that she saw a little boy standing in the window of one of the rooms overlooking the street while she was entering the house!

...The fake nanny

One of the women tells her story and says that one day she noticed a noticeable change in the behavior of her daughter, who is only 6 months old, and this change began after they moved together to a new house, where the daughter was laughing and playing alone, and she followed her eyes with non-existent things that moved her sweetness, and suddenly cried For no reason, the lady initially imagined that the angels were manipulating the child, and this is very normal among children, but one night she heard the sound of her infant daughter screaming, so she immediately went to her room, and she was at the door of the room. I heard the voice of a woman singing a lullaby to her child. So I approached the door with great caution and saw a cute woman sitting near her daughter's bed, a tall woman with long black hair and wearing an old-fashioned dress, and as soon as the lady entered the room, she immediately disappeared. ghost

I was living in the apartment of expatriate students with three of my colleagues during the first year of my studies at the university, and many events and horrors happened to us in this apartment that we have not been able to explain until now. In the living room alone, and suddenly I saw a red spectrum glowing on my left, as an automatic reaction, I turned immediately to check this matter, and I did not find any trace of it, I thought at the time that I had an illusion, and there was no problem.

The next morning, I told my colleagues about something that happened to me, and I was surprised that each of them said that she had been exposed to exactly the same situation before, but she did not care and did not tell anyone, and one night the landline phone rang, and the calling number was the number of one of us, The one who was stunned when she saw the number on the screen, although she had left her phone in her room a while ago and the room was empty and the four of us were standing near the phone, so I picked up the phone in great fear, I heard a loud music sound emanating from the phone, the owner of the number immediately went to the room where the phone was , and found him lying on the bed as I left him and there is no trace of music next to him, we immediately moved to another apartment after this incident, where we made sure that the problem is already haunted.
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